Monday, December 13, 2010

Austin's Kindergarten Class Picture

Recently one of my scrappy friends who has 3 children, all under the ages of 5, recently told me she was "officially" a year behind with a sigh and a frown. Though I understand that feels monumental to her, my perspective is that a year behind would feel really caught up! 

These kindergarten pictures are those of my now 21 year old son, Austin. I can't decide whether to put the year of the "graduation" or to put the year he graduated from high school. Input? 

They are done in 8x8 and the "diploma" is inside a "flip flap" bought through that same friend who sells them with Close To My Heart. I LOVE how these work! There is a pre-glued edge normally but for this I cut that off (it was on the top) and allowed the top of the page to extend beyond the base page. In the photo above the flap is closed and below it is opened up. Isn't that cool?!!? (Actually I put the diploma inside and folded them both with my bone folder; normally the entire sleeve would "flip flap".  The way I used it fit what I needed here. They do come in different sizes but I couldn't fit the diploma on the page otherwise. I adhered the left side of the back to the base page.)

Here are some close ups of the tab I created from twill and a couple of staples for opening and closing.

A super close close up!

A bit of detail just for fun :)

You can probably tell from these cut outs (yes I cut them out, lol - except the insides of the paper clip - it was white so I got out a black pen and colored it in) that these papers were some really old stash, though not as old as the photo ha ha.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Oh so clever!!!! That's a wonderful idea! How aboud tutorial!? :)

  2. I meant "How about a video tutorial?" Typed too fast and was quick to click! :)

  3. Love that layout. Could you PM me over at sketches4all? I have your blog candy all set to send out, but I don't have your address! Hope you are having a great day :)

  4. @Yolie - I replied to you via email. Thanks for the sweet comment!
    @ Khristen - Thank you for the compliment and thank you for letting me know! Woohoo I won! Sorry I didn't see that before now :)


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