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Art Journal Assignment 1: Cover
An Art Journal in its most basic definition, is simply an illustrated diary. You can use materials such as magazine cutouts, words clipped from newspapers, old books, sheet music, patterned paper, and art supplies to create your own journal.
An art journal is an important inspirational tool - it gets your hands moving across a blank "canvas", and allows you to create pages that are bound to one another, not only physically, but as part of a process. Your art journal doesn't need to be "about" anything - it can be a place to practice techniques you'll use elsewhere. It can be a place to record your thoughts about words or phrases you're feeling the vibe of. You can write song lyrics, poetry, prose, paragraphs, or simply doodle and draw and decorate.
An art journal is a very personal thing, and I want to respect your artistic vision. However, I know that there are some people in our class who will look at their blank ringbound book and kind of freak out a little bit. You want me to WHAT? Yes. You know who you are. ;)
So today we'll be constructing the cover for our Art Journals, which we'll be working on EVERY DAY of our course (and hopefully long after that)
Here's what mine looks like. If you love what I've done, then simply click the link below to download the printable PDF, which is flattened and ready to go. If you have some experience with Photoshop, I've included the fully-layered PSD file for your modification enjoyment.

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