Monday, October 25, 2010

So....this is blogging. (originally posted 10-15-10)

If you're here, you're probably a scrapper. Now my husband likes to tease me and ask silly stuff like which scrapper got in the most hits. He's such a crazy!! It's fun. He and both my boys enjoy my scrapping (with them, I can actually hold my own bwahahaha) so much that they bring me ticket stubs, programs, and all number of little goodies to go on my, uhm, their pages. They also all three do a wonderful job of taking pictures wherever we go. If you wonder why then I'm not in that many photos, it's because I prefer to stay out of the pictures. It's just how I am, I'm not going to worry about it. Do you?

So I guess you figured out I scrap about my family a lot. That's WHY I scrap! I love it!! I can keep my babies little!!! It's the only way and I have a lot of fun while I'm at it :) I figure one of these days I'll be old and miss them even more and I'll have my scrapbooks to relive it all. They'll have to fight over them after that because I scrap for fun, so I scrap whatever hits my mood.  What do you scrap? Do you have a special reason?

I don't scrap in chronological order, and so far I don't store my layouts chronologically either. Maybe one day I'll put them in order but I've been at this for over 13 years (I know because my youngest is 13) and I haven't found myself pulling any out of the sleeves and moving them around much. How do you do it?

Oh hey, this is the perfect place to ask: show me your scrap spaces!!!! I wanna see. I am working on mine and I need great ideas! Post your links!! Now I'm really excited. :) I need smilies, where are the smilies?  Heehee.

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  1. Scrap anyway your heart desires, but scrap! :)
    I've shared a video of my room, it's on my blog...on a separate
    I've organized a bit, well I tried to. Thank you soooo much for visiting me and cheering me on! :) :)


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