Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The evolution of a scrap room...

This is what would be the formal dining room in our new house, but we're just not very formal people...besides my husband suddenly decided he wanted the "study" for a study. Imagine that! And it had this great closet too. Yet I have moved on. ; ) Being the "dining room" this room is nice as it is really open to the rest of the family, as you will be able to see (if you can see around the mess, ha!).

So that pile of boxes is how the WHOLE room looked in the very beginning. It has taken me forever to get it to this stage!

Yep that's my floor at the moment. You really can't figure out what to do without getting it all out and spreading it around. Good grief! I have things from my 21 year old's birth and baby shower and my wedding that was over 23 years ago! People (including my husband and boys) have teased me that I have all this "scrap stuff" (granted I do have a lot) but it's not all product, there's a lot of cool old goodies that are priceless beyond measure that need to go in scrapbooks SOON!

I bought that cabinet at Target several years ago. It holds my sewing machine, heat gun, all those kinds of things. I just wish it were white, since now I have decided to do the room in black/white.  Ah well, it will have to do for now.

Now this white shelf is more like it, and it's holding way more stuff than I thought it would! I'm loving the look of the words against the wall. 

There's some sorting in progress. Will I ever finish???

More sorting. Yiiii! Sometimes I wanna run away  and hide, lol.

Stay tuned if you dare, as I am getting determinded to get this thing done. Shelves will go above those tables as soon as I can either talk my husband into helping me hang them or I just get determined enough to do it myself. (I did that the last time and it worked out pretty well.)

Oh and right there - that window!! THE crowning joy for me of this new scrap space! My last one had no window.  I love it!

Almost forgot...I have taken over the coat closet in the hallway across from my scrap room aka the dining room. Everyone assumed it would be a coat closet or a place for the vacuum. Yeah, uh huh. Uhm no. I didn't get the room WITH a closet, but I gotta have a closet and it's right there. Right?

 Works quite well for my plastic drawers that I was having a hard time putting out in the room. I love these Sterilite drawers though. I have them sorted by holidays, other themes like birthdays, boys, baby, etc. When you wanna scrap that topic you just go grab that drawer and voila!, everything you need is there.

Got this nifty idea from a recent issue of Creating Keepsakes. Put your page kits together, hang them on a skirt hanger and put them in the closet for easy access. I have a lot of kits to put together! Two boys and a marriage full of pictures and memorabilia. I just always remember to keep it fun!! The things have always been stashed here and there in boxes I couldn't get to. This is the first time I've had to unpack them all at once. It's a little overwhelming but exciting to get to do it at the same time!

 More to come as I make more progress.... stay tuned!


  1. My room looks like I just moved in... thing is we've been for 7+ years!!!

  2. LOL Yolie! I know that feeling.


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